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Is Alcohol Keto?

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Did you know?  There are only four caloric food sources – sometimes called macronutrients. According to the US Department of Agriculture, protein and carbs (and sugar) have four calories per gram, fat has nine calories per gram, and alcohol (ethanol)  has 7 calories per gram.


What is the Keto Diet? The KETO diet uses a super high protein, low carb macro-nutrient mix and has had some pretty amazing results for some.  According to Healthline.com, the Standard Keto Diet (or SKD) gets 75% of calories from fat, 20% from protein, and 5% from Carbs.

Is alcohol Keto:   But what about alcohol?  Clearly, alcohol is not included on the list of nutrients in the SKD. So, alcohol lies in an undefined gray area. Sports nutritionist Chris Mohr, PhD, RD, is a popular authority on the Keto diet and writes for Men’s Health Magazine.  Regarding alcohol and the SKD, he says:

“The general metabolism of alcohol as a whole falls outside of the ketogenic metabolism pathways”

–  Chirs Mohr, PhD, RD

While this quote is vague, alcohol – strictly speaking – probably isn’t Keto.  But, in moderation, alcohol probably won’t kick you out of a Ketosis state.  But, you’ll have to watch what you drink!


What should I Drink? According to Brierly Horton, a registered dietician writing for health.com, Keto Dieters who want to drink should avoid beer, beer based spiked seltzers with 1-5 carbs per serve, mixers, and other sweet wines including sake. She also says to reduce the size of your drink. 

You can enjoy spirits with a splash of soda water. But Perfekt Zero might be the best choice.  Not only does it have zero carbs and zero sugar, it also helps reduce the size of your drink – which she recommends.  Perfekt Zero has 45 calories, compared to 120 for Vodka Soda (no lime)!

Does Alcohol break down into sugar?

A lot of people ask this question.  Some of the confusion might stem from the proliferation of the sweetener “sugar alcohol.”  Sugar alcohol and Ethanol (AKA alcohol) are unrelated.  In fact, sugar alcohol is neither sugar or alcohol (ethanol) according to the Yale New Haven Hospital.

  • Alcohol’s chemical name is “ethanol”  and chemical symbol is (CH3-CH2-OH)
  • Sugar’s chemical name is “glucose” which originated from the Greek word for “sweet”
  • Unlike other food sources, the body perceives ethanol as a toxin and works to eliminate it immediately
  • When you drink, the Liver breaks down alcohol from a toxic substance to water and carbon dioxide, not sugar – New Zealand Health Promotion Agency
  • This process requires two enzymes (ADH and ADHL) that break the Alcohol molecule into less toxic elements – US Department of Health and Human Services
  • By comparison, carbohydrates require stomach acid, four enzymes, one hormone (insulin), and five major organs (stomach, small intestine, pancreas, liver, and colon) to break down – Healthline.com
  • Ethanol is absorbed right into the blood stream while in the stomach and is processed almost entirely by the liver

While these facts might not make for entertaining cocktail party conversation, they are of interest to the intelligent, social drinker.  Stay perfekt out there! 


If you’re on a KETO diet, you know how hard it is to restrict your carbs, especially when you drink.  Perfekt Zero has Zero sugar, zero carbs, and only 45 calories (all from alcohol).  And most importantly, an tastes amazing!

Zero Sugar , Zero Carbs , Zero Artificial


Keto, GF, Vegan, All Natural

fine print:

In CA, and the rest of the Country, alcoholic companies (like us) can’t sell directly to consumers (like you).  Instead, we need to sell through a retailer, and in this case, we use Vino Shipper, a classy and established Sonoma, CA Based retail partner.  They can be trusted with your personal info – trust us!  

*Zero net Carbs.  Carbs from erythritol have zero calories and zero effect on blood sugar

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